July 2023 Best 360Hz Gaming Monitor. Differences from 240Hz monitors and advantages and disadvantages.

In this article, I will introduce best 360Hz monitors.

By the way, I am currently using a 360 Hz monitor, so I will write about it with my experience using it.

Features of 360Hz Monitors


Smoothness of images exceeding 360Hz monitors.

The images displayed on a monitor are expressed by repeatedly flashing images, much like a flipbook, many times per second.

The more frequent the flashing, the smoother the video appears, resembling the real world, and this has significant advantages, especially in terms of FPS (frames per second).

So a 360Hz monitor means that the flashing occurs 360 times per second.


And by having a higher refresh rate, the following advantages can be obtained.

  • The screen's motion becomes smoother, improving visibility.
  • Even during fast-paced screen movements, it becomes easier for the eyes to keep up.
  • Fine adjustments, such as aiming, become easier as subtle movements are more accurately reflected on the screen.
  • Detailed movements like weapon recoil are more accurately portrayed, allowing for easier control.
  • The smooth and fluid visuals make the overall gameplay experience more enjoyable.


In addition to Hz, there is also "FPS (frames per second)," which relates to the number of times an image blinks.

  • Hz refers to the number of times a monitor displays an image on the screen per second.
    (Example: 360Hz means the screen blinks 360 times in one second.)
  • FPS refers to the number of times a PC, game console, or similar device sends image data per second.
    (Example: 360fps means the device sends video data to the monitor 360 times in one second.)

These mean something like this.

Therefore, when it comes to the refresh rate of a monitor, a higher value indicates better performance and the ability to display smoother images.

Cautions and Cons.

High refresh rate does not necessarily mean better image quality.

As mentioned in the previous statement, having a high refresh rate means

"making the screen appear smoother."

Therefore, having a high refresh rate does not necessarily imply better image quality.

Hence, if you prioritize image quality rather than the refresh rate, it is recommended to choose monitors such as 4K or QHD, which offer better resolution.


However, currently, there are models available that offer both high image quality and smooth motion, such as:

So, if you desire both excellent image quality and smooth motion, I would recommend considering such models.

To fully harness the capabilities of a 360Hz monitor, a high-performance PC is required.

To achieve high frame rates, a high-performance PC is required.

So even if you buy a 240Hz monitor, if your PC specs are not sufficient, you won't be able to achieve a refresh rate higher than 200Hz, and you won't be able to fully utilize the capabilities of the 240Hz monitor.

The required PC specifications can vary depending on the game title, so it's not possible to give a general answer.

However by searching online, you can find information on how many FPS can be achieved with different specifications, and it's advisable to use that as a reference.


By the way, my PC is,

Model name
CPUIntel Core i9 10900k
MemoryDDR4-3200 32GB×2

If you have these specifications,

  • APEX = During combat, it's 240-299 fps, sometimes dropping down to 220 fps momentarily.
    (APEX does not support more than 300 fps)
  • VALORANT = Almost always 360 fps or more.
  • OVERWATCH2 = Almost always 360 fps or more.

I don't feel a big difference compared to using a 240Hz monitor.

As for the difference in Hz that I have felt so far,

  • When changing from 60Hz to 144Hz, I can feel a big difference.
  • When changing from 144Hz to 240Hz, I can feel the difference, but not as much as when changing from 60Hz to 144Hz.
    (If you get used to 240Hz and then switch back to 144Hz, you will feel a big difference.)

But when changing from 240Hz to 360Hz, the difference is less than when changing from 144Hz to 240Hz.


However, it is not that I can't feel the difference at all,

  • Smoother and easier to see when quickly shifting the viewpoint
  • The smoothness of the image is stronger, and it is easier to tracking aim.

I was able to feel such effects.

So for myself, the average KovaaK score has stabilized at almost 3% to 5% higher.


However, when considered as a cost-effectiveness obtained for the price of a 360 Hz monitor, it may seem subtle to some people.

Also, as I mentioned above

  • High PC specs are required to achieve stable 360 fps.
  • The game may not support more than 300 fps.
    (e.g. APEX)

There are concerns such as.

So few people may experience the advantages of 360 Hz monitors.

How to Select a 360Hz Monitor

The difference between panels (IPS, TN, VA)

IPS・Vivid color expression and beautiful image quality
・Slow response time
・Wide viewing angle
・More expensive than other panels
TN・Fast response time
・Image quality appears poor and whitish compared to IPS
・Suitable for games with intense motion such as FPS
・Low price for fast response time
VA・Highly expressive in black
・High contrast ratio
・Moderately fast response time
・Many models are lower priced than other panels

When describing the characteristics of each panel, it would look like the table above.

As examples of how to choose:

  • If you prioritize image quality, go for an IPS panel.
  • If you want a monitor with fast response times for FPS gaming, TN panels are a good choice.
  • If you want to keep the price down or prioritize black representation, go for a VA panel.

However, there are monitors with IPS panels that exceed the response time of TN panels.

Therefore, modern IPS panel monitors have response times of 1ms or less, and there are also many models that achieve a balance between excellent image quality and fast response speed.


360Hz monitors are primarily available in two sizes:

  • Around 24 inches
  • Around 27 inches

However, among FPS players, the smaller size of around 24 inches is more popular.

Because the smaller size allows for:

  • Reduced eye movement when looking at the edges of the screen, such as maps
  • Easier viewing of the entire screen with minimal eye movement

These benefits contribute to less fatigue and improved concentration.


However, there is an advantage to having a larger screen, as it allows enemies to appear larger.

Additionally, with a 27-inch size, it still provides a reasonable size that may be preferable for some individuals.

Response time

Response time is the time it takes for an image to appear on the screen after receiving video data sent to the monitor.

This high speed has the following advantages:

  • Faster time from mouse or controller operation to reflection in the image
  • Movements in the game will be reflected in the video more quickly.

And in 360Hz monitors,

  • 1 ms in the slow category
  • 0.5 ms at about normal
  • 0.3ms at the fast category

and others.

So if you want to reduce latency as much as possible, I recommend choosing a model with a latency of 0.5 ms or less.

USB hub function

Some monitors may have USB ports in addition to HDMI and DP ports.

In that cases, the monitor can be used as a USB hub, so a mouse or keyboard can be connected to the monitor.

So if you want to use the USB hub function as well, you should also check the number of USB ports installed.

Best 360Hz Monitor

Alienware AW2523HF

Alienware AW2523HF

PanelFast IPS
Response Time0.5ms
Inputs & OutputsHDMI x 2
DisplayPort 1.4
USB 3.2 Gen1Type-A x 3
USB 3.2 Gen1Type-A(with Power Charging) x 1
USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-B
Headphone-out jack x 1
Line-out port x 1
StandHeight (4.3 inches)
Tilt (-5°~ 21°)
Swivel (40°)
Pivot (180°)
Static Contrast Ratio1000:1

This is a very low-cost 360Hz monitor.

Even so, the performance is not low, but rather high-spec,

  • IPS
  • Response time 0.5ms
  • 4 USB hubs
  • "Night Vision" to make it easier to see in dark places
  • "Clear Vision" for better visibility in conditions of smoke, haze, fog, etc.

As shown above, it excels in both performance and functionality.

However, speakers are not included.

Recommended for those looking for a low-cost, high-spec 360 Hz monitor.



Response Time0.5ms
Inputs & OutputsHDMI 2.0×2
DisplayPort 1.4×1
headphone jack
StandHeight (155mm)
Tilt (-5°~ 23°)
Swivel (45 / 45°)
Pivot (90°)
Static Contrast Ratio1000:1

It is a 360 Hz monitor from BenQ ZOWIE.

And this is like a 360 Hz version of the BenQ ZOWIE XL2546K, one of the most famous 240 Hz monitors.

Therefore, in the function,

  • "DyAc+" to reduce motion blur
  • "Black eQualizer" feature that enhances visibility in dark areas.
  • "Color Vibrance" feature that allows adjusting color intensity on a scale of 1 to 20.
  • "S-SWITCH" feature for quickly switching between different screen settings.
  • "XL Setting to share," an exclusive BenQ ZOWIE software that enables users to download and utilize settings shared by others.

and other features that are unique to BenQ ZOWIE.

In particular, "DyAc+" clearly changes between ON and OFF, making it easier to aim at quickly moving enemies and other targets.

In addition, the response time is 0.5ms.

Recommended for those who want fast response time and features unique to the BenQ Zowie.

Acer Predator X25 bmiiprzx

Acer Predator X25 bmiiprzx

Response Time0.3ms
Inputs & OutputsHDMI 2.0×2
DisplayPort 1.4×1
USB 3.2(Type-A, Gen1, 5Gbps)×3
USB 2.0 ×1(1up 4down)
headphone jack
Speaker2 W x2
StandHeight (115mm)
Tilt (-5°~ 25°)
Swivel (20 / 20°)
Pivot (90°)
Static Contrast Ratio1000:1

This monitor has a very fast response time of 0.3ms.

In addition, it is rich in functionality,

  • Detects ambient light level and automatically adjusts brightness and color
  • USB Hub
  • Supports NVIDIA G-SYNC
  • Supports NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer
    (can measure mouse latency)
  • Supports HDR 400
  • Built-in speaker

Multifunctional as above.

Recommended for those who want ultra-fast response time and rich features.

ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz PG27AQN

ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz PG27AQN

PanelFast IPS
Response Time1ms
Inputs & OutputsHDMI 2.0 x3
DisplayPort v1.4
USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A×2
headphone jack
StandHeight (100mm)
Tilt (-5°~ 20°)
Swivel (25 / 25°)
Pivot (90°)
600cd/㎡(HDR, Peak)
Static Contrast Ratio1000:1

In addition to WQHD, this model supports 360 Hz.

It also has excellent functionality.

  • Supports NVIDIA G-SYNC
  • Supports NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer
  • "Esports Dual Mode" switchable to 25" Full HD display.
  • Supports HDR 400


And with the Esports Dual Mode, the monitor can also be used as a full HD 25" monitor, offering the following advantages.

  • Can be used as a Full HD 360 Hz monitor, making it easy to achieve high frame rates
  • Smaller size reduces the amount of eye movement, making it easier to use in FPS
  • Smaller size to 25" will reduce the loss of image quality when changing from WQHD to Full HD.

For this reason,

  • Use as a WQHD monitor for everyday PC work and less competitive games
  • For FPS and other games, use it as a Full HD monitor

As described above, You can use a single monitor for different purposes.

However, the price is higher than other 360 Hz monitors.