FORTNITE Compact SMG Performance and Features. How to use.

The compact sub machine gun is a high rare degree weapon added in "Ver 5.1"

So it has performance which can be said to be upward compatible with other sub machine guns.

In this article I will write detailed performance, features, usage and so on.

This post summarizes the performance of weapons appearing in Fortnite as a table.The table also has "search function" and "sort function"...

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Performance common to all rarity

Fire Rate11
Magazine Size50
HS Damage200%

Performance per rarity

 Maximum DamageMedium damageMinimum DamageDPSReload TimeStructure DamageStructure DPS

Comparison with other SMG (The highest rarity)

 RarityMaximum DamageMedium damageMinimum DamageFire RateDPSMagazine SizeReload TimeStructure DamageStructure DPS
Silenced SMGCommon2217.614.3919830220180
Silenced SMGUncommon2318.414.959207302.221189
Silenced SMGRare2419.215.69216302.122198
Compact SMGEpic2318.414.9511253503.123253
Compact SMGLegendary2419.215.61126450324264
Tactical SMGUncommon1713.611.0513221352.416208
Tactical SMGRare1814.411.713234352.317221
Tactical SMGEpic1915.212.3513247352.218234
Drum GunUncommon2620.816.99234503.222198
Drum GunRare2721.617.55924350323207

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Rate and power and DPS is high!

Rate and power are high and DPS is the second height of all weapons.

By the way, it is the SMG higher than this.

However, if you look at the comparison table above, you can understand the difference between the highest rarity but only 9.

Moreover, since the damage amount of one shot is larger than the SMG, it is easy to knock down with a small bullets, and it can respond to the distance farther than SMG.

Therefore, although it is lower than the SMG on the numerical value, it is easy to demonstrate the destructive momentary fire power stably.

High capacity magazin size

Since the capacity is as many as 50, it is possible to continue shooting for quite a long time although the rate is high.

This covers the absence of continuing fighting ability which is a weak point of other SMG, and usability is very good.

Moreover, rate and DPS are higher than drum gun which is the same capacity, and LIGHT BULLETS is used, so it is easy to use with AR as well.

Continue breaking buildings quickly and continuously

It can continue to destroy for a long time even if the enemy build to protect.

Moreover, it is easy to enter a few damage if destroying a building and even a little bit of bullet passes, it is easy to cause a large damage even for a moment.

It can be used even at medium range with little recoil

Although the rate is high SMG, the reaction is surprisingly small, and it is easy to control stably even at medium distances.

Reduction of bullets is fast

Since it can continue shooting for a longer time than other SMG, the reduction of bullet is fast.

Rarity is high and it is difficult to appear

As we wrote so far, this weapon is very powerful, but the rarity is high and difficult to appear.

How to use

Prioritize over other SMG

This weapon is very excellent in any case, capacity, firepower, ease of recoil.

There are also difficulties in appearance due to high rarity, so if you find it, it is recommended to take it with priority over other SMG.

Effective too pushy

Other SMGs can’t be overwhelmed with out of bullets, LMG has poor accuracy and is not suitable for short range.

However, the compact SMG has a lot of power and capacity, so you can too pushy it off with other weapons.

From the enemy's perspective, even if you continue building it will be destroyed in a sudden situation, it will be a lot of pressure.

It is effective if it is a building partner even at long distances

It is difficult to keep hitting enemies at long distances, but hitting the building is not that difficult.

Pressure is given by attacking the building even at a distance away.

Watch out for the remaining bullets

Consume more bullets than other weapons, so let's use it while paying attention to the remaining bullet management.

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Summary of the whole

  • The capacity is high and the rate is high, but the continued fighting ability is excellent.
  • Not only the rate but also the power is increased.
  • Next to the SMG (Rare), the Legendary has the second DPS in all weapons.
  • Easy to apply too pushy.


The compact sub machine gun is not only expensive but also user friendly as it has weakness of recoil and continued fighting ability.

It is a powerful weapon that anyone can use to put pressure on opponent, so let's keep it if you find it.


Thank you very much for reading  through to the end.